Nicholas Cardinal Cheong Graduate School for Life

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  Nicholas Cardinal Cheong Graduate School for Life


"It is an urgent mission of our times to do academic research and to educate experts in order to foster the culture of life. Establishment of the Graduate School for Life is the Korean Catholic Church's response to the Sign of Time."

  • circle Nicholas Cardinal Cheong
  • circle Conduct interdisciplinary research on life based on Catholic Church's teaching on bioethics and educate experts who will devote themselves to the culture of life.
  • circle Become the point of reference in Catholic Church's teachings on bioethics and the culture of life in East Asian Region.
  • circle Maintain academic exchange with John Paul Institute in order to be united with the Universal Church.

Faculty members

2005.10 The Archbishop of Seoul, Nicholas Cardinal Cheong, instructed to explore the possibility of
establishing the John Paul Institute in Seoul.
2005.11 Visit to Rome to examine the possibility of John Paul Institute.
2005.10 Nicholas Cardinal Cheong decided to set up the Graduate School for Life in the Catholic
University of Korea and nominated Fr. Dong-IK Remigio Lee as a person in charge of preparation.
2007. 9 Recognition of the Graduate School for Life. Appointment of the dean and faculty
2007.12 Admission of students.
2008. 3 Opening of the school.

Academic Program Outline

  • circle Degree : Masters in Bioethics
  • circle Three Majors : Department of Bioethics, Department of Life Culture, Research Ethics and Institutional Review
  • circle Length of Program : 2 years
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